DP-100 150Watt FM Dipole Antenna 88-108MHz (Adjustment)

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DP-100 Dipole Antenna 

High gain outdoor Dipole antenna 88 to 108mhz  (Adjustment) for FM Transmitter up to 150W.
A dipole antenna is a radio antenna that can be made of aluminum, copper, and bronze  tube  with a center-fed driven element. It consists of two metal conductors of rod, oriented parallel and collinear with each other (in line with each other), with a small space between them. 
The dipole antenna is a particularly important form of RF antenna which is very widely used for radio transmitting and receiving applications. The dipole is often used on its own as an RF antenna, but it also forms the essential element in many other types of RF antenna. As such it is the possibly the most important form of RF antenna.

Electrical specification:
Frequency range: 88~108 MHz ( 1MHz step Adjustment)
Input Impedance Impedance:50 ohm
VSWR <1.3
Polarization: Verticality
Maximum Power Input: 150W
Horizontal 3dB Beam Width:360 °
Vertical 3dB Beam Width:73 °
Mechanical Specifications:
Height: 990mm
Radiating Element Material:Aluminum Alloy
Holding Rod Diameter: Φ30~Φ40 mm
Package Include:
1* DP-100 Dipole Antenna

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